The Introduction of LUGONG Telescopic Wheel Loader

Telescopic wheel loader can achieve heights and distances that conventional wheel loader can’t reach. LUGONG telescopic wheel loader combines the strength of articulated wheel loader with telescopic boom to achieve the best of both.

The Parameters of Telescopic Wheel Loader

The main parameters of Telescopic Wheel Loader (Take the lifting height 7 m for instance)

Main Technical Parameters
Model 2500 3000 3500 4000
Max. lifting height(mm) 7000 7000 7000 7000
Max. dumping height(mm) 4800 4800 4800 4900
Max. dumping distance(mm) 900 900 1000-1500 900
Max. load (kg) 2500 3000 3000 4000
Loaded bucket width(mm) 2000 2200 2200 2400

Notes: For other size requirements, please contact us for customization.

Features of telescopic wheel loader

LUGONG telescopic wheel loaders are characterized by simple operation, reasonable design and high mobility, and high extension telescopic arms allow for diversification in many industries.
Integrated articulated wheel loaders are designed and manufactured to provide strength, performance and durability as well as superior driving comfort, providing a safer and more efficient performance experience.
Powerful engines that produce power and torque at low rpm to maximize fuel economy.
The newly designed hydraulic quick hitch allows switching between various operational attachments.

Uses of telescopic wheel loader

For construction
As the height and range of construction materials increases, the telescopic wheel loader can be your reliable partner for handling and moving materials to higher heights.
For agriculture
Telescopic wheel loader combine the features and advantages of wheel loaders and telescopic boom to enable more functions on the farm.
LUGONG telescopic wheel loader is recognized and used for its practicality, safety, comfort, energy efficiency and versatility.For more information about telescopic wheel loader, please feel free to contact us.

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