Advantages and technical introduction of LG series compact wheel loaders

LG series compact wheel loaders

1. Electrophoresis Process.
The steel plate of LG series compact wheel loaders are dealt with electrophoresis, which can protect the material of steel from getting rusty. Only LUGONG can do this.
2. Sheet Metal Forming.
LG series compact wheel loaders using the sheet metal forming technique to make sure the cab and engine hood are harder.
3. Improved Transmission System.
We have improved the quality of the transmission system, so that it can be matched with the engine better, therefore LG series compact front end wheel loader can be more efficient.
4. Steel Tires.
LG series compact wheel loaders’ tires of brand is Steel. The quality of tires is pretty high, we guarantee you that its warranty time is 3 years. Of course, still only LUGONG can do it.
5. Oil Tank.
The hydraulic oil tank and the inside of the fuel tank of LG series compact wheel loaders are pickled and phosphated to ensure the cleanliness of the oil reduce the failure rate of thefuelsystem and the hydraulic systemand increase the service life of the loader.
6. Brake System.
LG series compact wheel loaders adopt the design of double pumps to control the brakes separatelywith high brake stability and low brake system failure rate, which greatly increases the safety performance of the LG series compact wheel loaders.

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