Overseas customers customised LUGONG T930 wheel loader with grass fork attachment

Customised T930 wheel loader is equipped with grass forks to provide customers with more efficient loading experience! L […]

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LUGONG T928 Wheel Loader Successfully Delivered to Old Customer in Mozambique

LUGONG T928 Wheel Loader Successfully Delivered to Mozambique Customer, This time the customer ordered Lugong T928 wheel […]

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wheel loader LM938 with Euro 5 engine
Successfully delivered LM938 wheel loader with Euro 5 engine to customer

Wheel loader stands out as a versatile and indispensable tool. The recent advancements in environmental standards have l […]

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Lugong LC30 Dual Fuel Forklift with Nissan K25 Engine Shipped

Customized Lugong LC30 Dual Fuel Forklift with Nissan K25 Engine from an overseas customer were shipped today. Lugong LC […]

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Tailored LA50 Skid Steer Loader for Indoor Construction Projects in Indonesia

LA50 Skid Steer Loader is the perfect solution for indoor construction projects in Indonesia. This compact and versatile […]

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Successfully Delivering Two LC30 Forklifts to Hungarian Customer

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully delivered two LC30 forklift to our valued customer in Hungary.Our […]

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LuGong delivered a batch of wheel loader to Thailand

Lugong Group successfully delivered a batch of wheel loader equipments to Thai customers. After receiving the wheel load […]

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Shandong Lugong Wheel loader at Nampo Expo South Africa

Shandong Lugong is a leading manufacturer of wheel loader in China, with a wide range of models and attachments to suit […]

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South African Customer visits LUGONG to Seek Cooperation Opportunities

In March, more and more foreign customers are coming to China to know well and purchase Chinese products and equipment w […]

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LUGONG Wheel Loader Exported to Guatemala

Congratulation Lugong front wheel loader arrive in Guatemala,successfully passed the customer acceptance , will definite […]

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