What is the Bucket Capacity of a Wheel Loader

The bucket of a wheel loader is mainly used for moving materials and for light excavation work. The question of what is […]

47 2022-11-14
Compact Wheel Loaders: The Perfect Transition From Skid Loader To Heavy Loader

Compact wheel loaders are loaders which less than 74kw, dued to their small overall size, flexibility and mobility are w […]

62 2022-11-03
The Introduction of LUGONG Telescopic Wheel Loader

Telescopic wheel loader can achieve heights and distances that conventional wheel loader can’t reach. LUGONG telescopic […]

119 2022-10-09
Applications of compact wheel loader attachments

Compact wheel loaders are named because of their compact size. It is popular and widely utilized for its higher fuel eff […]

171 2022-09-19
Lugong LG938 Agricultural Wheel Loader is on sale

Wheel loader is widely used in the construction industry, but they also occupy a place in the agricultural sector. Espec […]

179 2022-09-08
Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders for sale

Lugong Machinery has developed and produced independently a series of loaders and rough terrain forklifts, which have be […]

153 2022-09-01
Daily maintenance of wheel loaders

Wheel loader is used on complex construction sites, farms, and maintenance roads. ​A long-term overload operation greatl […]

223 2022-07-14
How to Choose a Tractor Loader Backhoe

Recently, many customers have asked us to buy a tractor loader backhoe(TLB). But don’t know how to choose. The bac […]

330 2022-07-06
Common faults and solutions of wheel loader drive axle

The drive axle is an important part of the wheel loader. It carries vertical, longitudinal and lateral forces, as well a […]

426 2022-06-28
Wheel Loader Parts-Introduction to Drive Axle

Wheel loader is heavy equipment machine used in the construction sector. The drive axle is an important part of the whee […]

205 2022-06-24