Social Responsibility


LuGong Group adapts corporate development to resource conservation. Taking an overall standpoint, LuGongG optimizes industry technology, saves energy and reduces emissions, and adheres to sustainable development.

With the development of economy, environmental destruction has brought a great threat to the survival and development of mankind. Lugong Group attaches great importance to environmental protection, adjusts the industrial structure, and contributes to the world's environmental protection.

2020 the COVID-19 has completely changed the way we used to work and live. We are fully engaged in exploring how we can provide effective protection and support to our families, employees, customers and communities in response to this crisis. The entire LuGong staff stands with those affected by the outbreak.

The LuGong Children’s Fund works in some of the most difficult areas to help the most vulnerable children. In order to safeguard the rights of every child, Whenever and wherever, we are working hard to build a better world for all children.