Common Faults of Whe el Loader Drive Axle and How to Deal with them

Wheel loader drive axle is an important part of the loader, it bears the weight and traction of the loader, and also transmits the power and braking force of the loader. Therefore, the failure of the loader drive axle will seriously affect the normal work of the loader. This article will introduce the common faults of the loader drive bridge and handling methods for reference.
Wheel Loader Drive Axle

Wheel loader drive bridge common failures

1. drive axle oil leakage. This is one of the most common failures, usually due to oil seal wear, damage or improper installation. The treatment method is to replace the oil seal or reinstall the oil seal, and check whether the sealing surface around the oil seal has scratches or dents, if so, it should be repaired or replaced.

2. Excessive drive axle noise. This is another common fault, usually caused by poor gear meshing, damaged bearings or insufficient lubrication. This can be dealt with by adjusting the gear clearance, replacing the bearings or filling with the appropriate lubricant, and checking the gears for wear, fractures or deformation, and replacing them if present.

3. The drive axle temperature is too high. This is a more serious fault, usually caused by poor quality lubricant, insufficient oil or cooling system failure. The treatment method is to replace the qualified lubricating oil, replenish sufficient oil or clean the cooling system, while checking whether the drive axle is overloaded, over speed or excessive braking and other abnormalities, if so, should be promptly excluded.

Wheel loader drive axle maintenance

In order to avoid or reduce the failure of the loader drive axle, the following maintenance work should be done:

1. regularly check the amount, quality and temperature of the lubricant of the drive axle, and replace the lubricant according to the use and the specified period.

2. Regularly check the various components of the drive axle, such as gears, bearings, oil seals, etc., and replace or repair them in time if abnormal or damaged.

3. Clean the cooling system of the drive axle regularly to keep the cooling water smooth and prevent the drive axle from overheating.

4. Use the loader reasonably and avoid overloading, over-speeding or excessive braking to reduce the load and wear of the drive axle.

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