Compact Wheel Loaders: The Perfect Transition From Skid Loader To Heavy Loader

Compact wheel loaders are loaders which less than 74kw, dued to their small overall size, flexibility and mobility are widely used .
Compact wheel loaders available attachments including grass fork, log grapple , 4-in-1bucket, snowplows, pallet fork and so on , thus increasing more applications and much competitive than skid loader.
Though the heavy loaders with more capacity and higher performance , But compact wheel loader advantages are :Small size, low horsepower, low fuel consumption and low cost than the it .
In most cases, the main usage of compact wheel loaders are: loading and moving material , by changing the attachments and working environment , are widely used in construction, agriculture, roads and forestry.

Advantages of Compact wheel loaders

Bigger ability of digging, loading, and lifting.
Higher working speed , better operator comfort and visibility.
Less damage to the road than other machines.
lower maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption.
Bigger ability to the different working environment site.

Several main elements before buying Compact wheel loaders

1consider project size ,dumping height and working environment to choose right model
2consider the emission standard ( based on country requirement )
3choose the right attachment


The Warranty period is very important to the buyer, Lugong warranty period is 1 year,Offer free spare parts ,technical support and troubleshooting.

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