Daily maintenance of wheel loaders

Wheel loader is used on complex construction sites, farms, and maintenance roads. ​A long-term overload operation greatly shortens the service life of the wheel loader. Routine preventive maintenance is especially important for loader equipment.

How to maintain a wheel loader.

Daily inspections of wheel loaders are preferred.

Make sure the machine is free of debris in important areas such as the radiator, AC condenser, and exhaust pipes, and if there is a buildup of debris, clean it up before use.
Check the equipment for signs of oil leaks.
Check tire pressure and look for signs of gouges or sharp metal sticking to the surface of the tire.​
Check that the tire pressure is normal.
Keep the window glass and rearview mirror clean to avoid affecting the line of sight.
Check the loader attachments for damage or looseness.

we also need to regularly maintain the parts that require maintenance.

Perform engine maintenance as specified in the Purchaser’s Maintenance Manual.
​Building a replacement fuel filter at the time recommended by the manufacturer.
Filters and fluids need to be changed at recommended intervals, and the health of the wheel loader’s engine, planets, axles, hydraulics, and transmission is checked.

Use caution in harsh conditions

In more complex and severe cases, these inspections need to be earlier or more frequent. It would be better if there was a trained and experienced driver to operate or to keep a record of the driving conditions of the loader.
Lugong Group prepares loader maintenance manuals and commonly used accessories for every customer who purchases a wheel loader.

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