Do you know the wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket

What is wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket?

Wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket is a kind of multifunctional bucket for loader, which can fulfil four different functions, including shovel bucket, grapple bucket, levelling bucket and tilting bucket.

Wheel Loader 4 in 1bucket

Uses of the wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket

1. Bucket function: the wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket can be used like a normal bucket for loading, handling and stacking various materials, such as soil, sand, gravel, crushed stone and so on. It has a large capacity and strong shovel pick-up ability, which can efficiently complete a variety of loading operations.
2. Grab Bucket Function: The wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket can be used to grab and carry various materials, such as wood, pipes, bricks, etc. by contracting the bucket body and clamping the plywoods on both sides to form a jig. This function enables the loader to cope with more working scenarios and improves its versatility and flexibility.

3. Levelling Bucket Function: The wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket can be used for levelling the ground, scraping the road surface and clearing debris from the construction site, etc. by contracting the bucket body and keeping it in a smooth working condition. It can perform precise levelling operations in different working scenarios, improving work efficiency and quality.

4. Tilt Bucket Function: The 4-in-1 bucket of the wheel loader can be used for digging and dumping materials on the ground by adjusting the tilt angle of the bucket. The tilting bucket function allows the loader to carry out digging and dumping operations in narrow spaces, improving its adaptability and flexibility.
The wheel loader 4-in-1 bucket has various functions such as loading, gripping, levelling and dumping, which can be adapted to different working scenarios and needs, and improves the versatility and working efficiency of the loader.

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