How to choose the right wheel loader?

Wheel loader is a kind of construction machinery with high working efficiency. It is widely used in urban construction, mining, railway, agriculture, forestry and airport construction, etc., and is responsible for transporting materials, stones and other accumulations. It plays an extremely important role in accelerating the progress of the project, ensuring the quality of the project, improving the working conditions, improving the work efficiency and reducing the construction cost. How to choose a suitable wheel loader equipment is a problem that needs attention.

We need to have a certain understanding of the classification of loaders

According to the power size, we can divide wheel loaders into the following four types

80 HP or less = compact wheel loader

80 – 150 HP = small & compact wheel loader

150 – 200 HP = Medium Wheel Loader

200 – 250 HP = Large Wheel Loader

How to choose the right wheel loader

Choose the appropriate size wheel loader equipment according to your own needs. Small & compact loaders are mainly used in agricultural, forestry, urban construction and other operations. Large loaders are mainly used in mining, large construction and other operations.
You also need to have a certain understanding of your own needs. You may wish to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What material is the wheel loader used to transport.
  • What is the processing capacity and how many tons of materials need to be transported every day.
  • What are the requirements for the bucket capacity?
  • What price wheel loader do you want to buy?

With these questions as a basis, we will start from the wheel loader and consider the performance requirements, attachments, machine weight, cab and suppliers of the wheel loader.

Five Tips for you to understand wheel loader

1 The basic performance of wheel loader

(1) Rated load: The loader specifies the weight of the material loaded in the bucket to ensure the required stability under the following conditions.

(2) Tipping load:The maximum load your wheel loader can handle safely and steadily. You need to choose your tipping load based on the amount of material you will be handling each day. It is recommended to install a wheel loader with a larger tipping load in the machine to handle these workload peaks in an emergency.

(3) Lifting capacity: refers to the action on the center of gravity of the load, which can be continuously lifted from the ground to the highest position by the boom cylinder set maximum load.

(4) Bucket rated capacity: it is the sum of the flat capacity of the bucket and the volume of the heap tip.

2.Attachment: According to different applications, various attachments are for option, such as extra-large coal bucket, log fork, grain bucket and grass fork etc.

3.Machine weight (operating weight): Machine weight is very important, but counterweight is also very important. The weight of a wheel loader has a lot to do with its power. The loader in the empty bucket state shall be filled with coolant, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil according to the regulations, and the whole machine quality including tools, spare parts, driver (75kg) and other accessories.

4.The operator-friendly cab:Read the considerations for heavy equipment cabs and choose a new wheel loader to improve safety, visibility, efficiency, comfort and productivity.

5. Reliable suppliers: Reliable suppliers can provide you with product quality assurance and good after-sales service to ensure that the equipment is successfully delivered to you.

Knowing these issues, you can easily choose the wheel loader equipment that suits you. Contact Lugong for the latest quotation of wheel loaders.

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