How to choose:Compact wheel loader vs Skid steer

With the development of mechanization, it has become a trend for mechanical equipment to replace labor. The demand for loaders continues to increase, but the types of loaders vary widely. How to choose the loader equipment that suits you. If you’re considering buying a loader but don’t know whether to choose a skid steer or a compact wheel loader, this article will help you.

Skid steer loaders and compact wheel loader are very different in terms of appearance and work capacity. Let’s understand the difference between these two types of equipment from these four aspects.

Compact wheel loader vs Skid steer

1 Work Ability:

There is a big difference between compact loaders and skid steers in bucket capacity and rated load.
For a compact wheel loader, you’ll get a typical bucket capacity range from 0.6m³ to 3m³ and a rated load of 1.8ton to 5ton to increase your work capacity and reach for greater reach. The compact wheel loader is a very efficient machine in terms of travel speed and bucket capacity.

The skid steer can get a bucket capacity of 0.19m³ to 0.5m³ and a rated load of 0.3ton to 1ton. Smaller throughput is more suitable for small jobs.

2 Body Designs:

Skid steers, as their name implies, skid tires to change direction or roll on a track, and these simple controls cause a skidding motion as the machine turns, hence the name “skid steer.” The right wheel is driven forward and backward by a joystick in the operator’s right hand. On the left is a joystick that controls the forward and reverse of the left wheel.

Wheel loaders have traditional steerable wheels and generally articulated steering with pivot points for easy steering. Meaning a wheel loader doesn’t skid like a skid steer, but rather drives more like a car or truck.

Due to the different body design heights, the compact wheel loader sits a little higher, improving operator visibility when using attachments or dumping. Side and rear visibility is also better than skid steer.

3 Prices

When it comes to compact wheel loaders vs. skid steers, it is important to consider a few points. The first is the initial cost of the machine, which varies by model. Taking into account the life of each machine, aside from the initial cost, fuel efficiency and ongoing consumables and tire life are also taken into account.

Compact Wheel Loader Saves you money thanks to fuel efficiency and durability. With smaller engines and deep system integration, they use less fuel than larger wheel loaders and some skid steers, while reducing emissions.

Skid steers need to factor in the expense of tires, the larger the skid steer, the higher the risk of premature tire wear due to the weight of the machine and constant slippage.

4 In Use

Skid steers are defined by their compact size, small turning radius and workhorse potential. Their small size means they are ideal for tighter environments, such as residential backyards or tight construction sites that restrict access and make it difficult to turn around and operate safely.

Compact wheel loaders are vital equipment used by many contractors and businesses for material handling and other tasks. They have an unmatched ability to move heavy loads or scoop up large quantities of material and transfer it to trucks for transport.


I believe that you already have a certain understanding of compact wheel loaders and skid steers, and have a clear understanding of your choice, then contact us to get the latest quotation. Shanlu Works is the leader of China’s small loaders, professional product design, stable operability, high work efficiency and friendly after-sales service will be the reasons for you to choose Lugong.

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