Introduction to Mini Excavator

A mini excavator is a small excavator that can be used for excavation and cleaning work at construction sites, ports, mines, rivers and other locations. They are usually driven by a hydraulic system, can dig to a depth of several meters and can carry heavy loads.
LZ17 Excavating Machinery

What are the advantages of mini excavators?

1. Small and flexible: The small size of mini excavators allows them to dig in narrow spaces, and they can easily pass through doors, windows and other narrow spaces and can dig inside buildings.
2. Simple operation: The mini excavator is simple to operate and can be easily operated, which can save operation time and improve work efficiency.
3. Easy to maintain: The mini excavator is easy to maintain, which can save maintenance costs and improve work efficiency.
4. Energy-saving and environmental protection: the engine of mini excavator has low power, low fuel consumption and good environmental performance, which can save energy and reduce pollution.

Application scenarios for mini excavator

Mini excavator can be used for construction, mining, dredging, pile foundation construction, bridge construction, river dredging, port dredging, ditch excavation, bridge demolition, bridge reconstruction, bridge support.

What are the factors to consider when buying a mini excavator?

When buying a mini excavator, the factors you need to consider include: the power of the excavator, digging depth, digging width, digging speed, weight of the excavator, size of the excavator, price of the excavator, brand and quality of the excavator, etc.
For more information about mini excavator, welcome to consult Lugong mini excavator manufacturer. We will provide you with professional answers, reasonable quotation and good after-sales service.

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