LUGONG Compact Wheel Loader Maintenance

Compact wheel loader maintenance is the process of keeping your machine in good working condition and preventing breakdowns or failures. It involves performing regular checks, services, and repairs on the various components and systems of your machine.
LG930 compact wheel loader

Some of the benefits of compact wheel loader maintenance are

It improves the performance and efficiency of your machine

It extends the lifespan and reduces the depreciation of your machine

It lowers the operating and repair costs of your machine

It enhances the safety and comfort of the operator and bystanders

It increases the resale value and marketability of your machine

LG938 compact wheel loader

Some of the tips for compact wheel loader maintenance

Perform daily inspections before starting your machine. Check the fluid levels, tire pressure, lights, gauges, belts, hoses, filters, and attachments. Look for any leaks, cracks, wear, or damage. Report any problems or abnormalities to your supervisor or service technician.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and intervals. Use the operator’s manual or online tools to find the information you need to perform preventive maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, lubrication, greasing, and adjustments. Use genuine parts and fluids that meet the specifications of your machine.

Wash your compact wheel loader frequently. Remove any dirt, dust, sand or other jobsite material that could accumulate and contaminate your machine. Operators can use a shop-vac to remove any water and debris in hard-to-reach areas, and they should use a pressure washer or compressed air nozzle to blow debris out of the radiator and oil cooler.

Keep records of your maintenance activities and history. Use a logbook or an electronic system to track the date, time, mileage, hours, service type, parts used, and technician name for each maintenance task. This will help you monitor the condition and performance of your machine, plan for future maintenance needs, and comply with warranty requirements.

Train your operators on how to operate and maintain your compact wheel loader properly. Provide them with the necessary manuals, tools, and resources to perform their duties safely and efficiently. Educate them on the best practices and common mistakes to avoid when using your machine. Encourage them to report any issues or concerns promptly.

Compact wheel loaders are versatile machines that can perform various tasks on construction sites, farms, landscaping projects and more. However, to ensure optimal performance and safety, they require regular maintenance and care. LUGONG Compact Wheel Loader is a high-efficiency, safety and energy-saving machine that can handle various tasks in construction and agriculture. It is equipped with a wide range of attachments and has a powerful engine and transmission system.

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