LuGong delivered a batch of wheel loader to Thailand

Lugong Group successfully delivered a batch of wheel loader equipments to Thai customers. After receiving the wheel loader equipment, the Thai customers immediately carried out detailed inspection and testing. After a series of field tests, they spoke highly of the performance and quality of Lugong wheel loaders. The customer said that Lugong wheel loaders are easy to operate and stable, and at the same time, they have high load carrying capacity and excellent working efficiency. These excellent features make the wheel loaders indispensable equipment on their construction sites.
The delivered wheel loaders will be used in the land development and construction projects of Thai customers. The high efficiency and stability of the wheel loaders will provide a solid guarantee for the progress of the customer’s projects. Lugong provides the necessary training and service support to the customer to ensure that the wheel loader equipment can maximize its advantages and functions.

In the future, Lugong will continue to increase its efforts in technology development and product innovation to continuously improve the competitiveness and quality level of its products. Meanwhile, Lugong will also continue to strengthen its cooperation with international customers to further expand its influence in the international market.

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views 156 2023/12/20

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