Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders for sale

Lugong Machinery has developed and produced independently a series of loaders and rough terrain forklifts, which have been the main products in China’s small and medium-sized construction machinery market. Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders adopt advanced technology and core technology, with perfect appearance, reliable quality, easy to operate and more fuel-efficient.
Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders for sale

Get to know Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders for sale.

1. Body structure

Lugong selects national standard plates, adopts imported laser cutting equipment with robot argon arc welding, 100% self-production rate to guarantee the dimensional accuracy and welding quality of structural parts; The integral front frame with mortise and tenon technology and three-layer hinge technology, the brand-new hinge plate design and the brand-new boom, rocker arm and chassis technology make the whole vehicle dig better, lift more powerfully, steer and control more flexibly, the body more stable and pass through better. The new hinge plate design and the new boom, rocker arm and chassis technology make the whole vehicle shovel better, lift stronger, steer and control more flexible, the body more stable and passable!

2. Hydraulic system

Lugong uses high quality hydraulic components, oil and heat dissipation system to make the operation of the whole vehicle more stable, lower failure rate and efficient work efficiency, the efficiency of one machine is equivalent to twice that of other machines.

3. Transmission system

Lugong selects export reinforced high quality split transmission + torque converter, with patented upgraded axle and exclusive brake system, while using famous and long warranty tire brands to make the transmission system of Lugong products stable in quality, high in safety, convenient in maintenance, reliable and durable, with long life of core components and low maintenance cost for customers.


Lugong adopts all first-class brands with long establishment, reliable quality, mature technology and perfect after-sales service in China, and also can be assembled with Weichai, Yuchai, Yunnei, Dongfeng Cummins and other brands.

5. Sheet Metal and Assembly Technology.

Lugong is equipped with the best derusting and painting equipment. Lugong is the only sheet metal factory in the industry that processes independently. This makes Lugong sheet metal parts have high protection level, long service life and comfortable operation experience, which is superior to other compact wheel loader brands. The professional assembly management system makes product quality control more accurate, production efficiency more efficient, and delivery time is guaranteed.

6.Specialized customization

Lugong can meet customers’ customization needs in terms of various attachments, color matching and control with high quality, high requirements and refinement to improve customer satisfaction.
For more information about Lugong new LG series compact wheel loaders for sale, please contact us.

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