Mini Excavator Common Fault Analysis and Solutions

Mini Excavator
Mini excavator is a small construction machine, usually used in construction, gardening, roads, water conservancy and other engineering construction, its main role is to excavate and transport earth and rock materials. Compared with large excavators, mini excavators are smaller, lighter and more flexible, and are suitable for construction in small spaces such as narrow sites, indoor or urban centers. Mini excavators are usually hydraulically driven, easy to operate and can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as buckets, jaws and pile drivers, increasing their versatility.

Mini excavator common fault analysis

1. Engine can’t start: Possible causes include low battery, ignition system failure, fuel system failure, etc.
2. hydraulic system oil leakage: possible causes include hydraulic line wear, oil seal aging, hydraulic cylinder seal wear, etc.
3. excavator can not work normally: possible causes include circuit failure, hydraulic system failure, mechanical parts failure, etc.
4. High oil temperature: Possible reasons include dirty hydraulic oil, insufficient hydraulic oil, hydraulic radiator failure, etc.


1. Engine won’t start: Check the battery power, ignition system and fuel system, and replace the defective parts in time.
2. Hydraulic system leaks oil: check hydraulic lines, oil seals and seals, and replace worn parts in time.
3. The excavator can not work normally: check the circuit, hydraulic system and mechanical parts, and replace the defective parts in time.
4. High oil temperature: replace hydraulic oil, increase the amount of hydraulic oil, clean the hydraulic radiator and other measures.

Features of Lugong Excavating Machinery

1. Compact and flexible: The small size and light weight of Lugong mini excavator make it suitable for construction in narrow sites, indoor or urban centers and other small spaces.
2. High efficiency and energy saving: The excavator adopts high efficiency and energy saving hydraulic system, which can improve the working efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and noise at the same time.
3. Stable and reliable: The Lugong mini excavator is made of high-strength steel, with stable and reliable structure, which can withstand heavy load and high torque.
4. High versatility: The excavator can carry a variety of attachments, such as bucket, jaws, pile driver, etc., which improves its versatility.
5. Easy to operate: The Lugong mini excavator adopts humanized design and is easy to operate, which is suitable for people of different ages.
In a word, Lugong mini excavator has the advantages of compactness and flexibility, high efficiency and energy saving, stability and reliability, high versatility and easy operation, which is suitable for various engineering construction and daily maintenance.

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