New Location, New Appearance-Lugong Trading Company moved to new house

On July 22, 2022, on this sunny day, Shandong Lugong International Trade Co., Ltd. ushered in two happy events. First, Shandong Lugong International Trade Mailbox Co., Ltd. moved to a new office location and a new environment. The new office environment brings people Comfortable and pleasant working atmosphere. Second, today is also the birthday of Mr. Zhang Ludong, General Manager of Lugong Trading Company. All staff of Lugong International Trading Company hereby wish Mr. Zhang a happy birthday, peace and joy. Under the wise leadership of General Manager Zhang, Lugong Group will be prosperous and have a bright future.
What has changed is our office address, what has not changed is our service. Shandong Lugong International Trade Co., Ltd. always treats our customers with innovative ideas and an honest attitude.
Shandong Lugong Group is specialized in agricultural construction equipment such as wheel loader, mini excavator, road roller, forklift and wheeled tractor. Continue to create more practical, stable and energy-saving new equipment for customers to meet the diverse needs of customers.

130 2022/07/22

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