Safety in operation of mini excavators

Mini excavators are one of the most valuable and versatile machines on any job site. You can use these compact, agile excavators to dig trenches and holes, demolish small structures, carry out landscaping work, repair sewer pipes and even clear snow from work areas.
As with other heavy equipment, mini excavators are driven and operated in a way that reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. There are potential hazards associated with incorrect driving such as overturning, cave-ins, electrocution due to contact with power lines, collisions with other machines, etc.
The following tips on the safe operation of mini excavators have been compiled and will protect your workforce and reduce hazards on the job site.
Safety in the operation of mini excavators includes safety checks before using the equipment, safety measures during operation of the equipment and safety measures during maintenance of the equipment
mini excavators

Pre-use safety checks

Get trained: Never attempt to operate a mini excavator or other heavy equipment without proper training. This will only increase your risk of an accident.
Familiarise yourself with the equipment: When using the equipment for the first time, read the user manual carefully and make sure you understand what all the controls do before starting the engine.
Check mirrors and windows: maximum visibility is essential to prevent accidents on the work site. Adjust and clean the mirrors to ensure you can see everything behind you. If your machine has an enclosed cab, you may also need to clean the windows.
Test the controls: verify the position of the levers, pedals and joysticks that control the various machine functions. If you are using attachments, make sure they are securely fastened and in proper working order.
Survey the work area: check the terrain to identify any slopes or uneven spots that could pose a safety risk.
Fasten your seat belt: your mini excavator should be equipped with a seat belt to ensure you are safe and comfortable when operating the machine.

Safety measures when operating the equipment

Navigating slopes: If you are working on a slope, travel up and down the slope vertically rather than along the diagonal to reduce the risk of sliding or tipping over. Make small, gradual steering adjustments when changing direction.
Keep the bucket close to the ground: keep the bucket positioned low to provide extra stability when transporting loads.
Maintain a safe speed: reduce the speed of the machine when travelling over rough terrain or in tight working areas.
Don’t exceed bucket capacity: mini excavator buckets come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Know how much your machine’s bucket can handle and never exceed the limit. An overloaded bucket increases the risk of tipping and can damage the boom, arm and hydraulic system.

Safety measures when maintaining the machine

At the end of a job, lower the bucket and park it safely: make sure the bucket is on the ground before switching off the machine. A raised bucket can fall and cause serious injury. Stop the vehicle on a level surface to prevent rolling.
Remove the keys: Keys left in the ignition are a temptation to passers-by and can lead to theft. Always lock the cab and carry the keys with you.
Exit safely: Never jump from a mini excavator. Use grab handles, rails or non-slip surfaces to help prevent you from slipping and falling.

Lugong mini excavators

The Lugong mini excavator is an efficient, flexible and reliable machine that helps you achieve a wide range of construction tasks with ease and is very easy to operate. It is small in size, yet offers excellent performance, which can bring you more convenience and efficiency, making your work easier and more efficient. If you have a need for a mini excavator, please contact us.

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