Sizes of Excavators and Their Uses

Excavating Machinery is a common construction equipment in the field, mainly used to excavate soil, stones, minerals and other related materials. Commonly found in building construction, mining, road construction and farm construction.

According to type excavators are divided into crawler excavators and wheeled excavators

According to the working weight, we can be divided into

Compact Excavator – Small Excavator & Mini Excavator

With the development of urbanization, the demand for closed and narrow construction is increasing, and the demand for small excavators or micro excavators is also gradually increasing. Small excavators (mini excavators) are very suitable for construction in narrow spaces due to their working weight less than 10ton and small size. It is widely used in small-scale construction, such as farms, small municipal projects, digging pipes, building decoration and other fields.

Advantages: Small size, easy to transport, convenient and flexible, focus on small jobs, can work in very narrow areas, less impact on the surrounding environment.

Disadvantages: The work weight is small and cannot meet the needs of a large number of jobs.

General excavator – Medium Excavator

The working weight of the medium excavator is in the range of 10ton-50ton, and the medium excavator is the most commonly used model of the excavator. Most medium excavators are suitable for a wide range of occasions, and can basically meet any project to lift or haul large materials. Most construction sites usually use medium excavators.

Advantages: It can be used in a wide range and can basically meet the needs of any project.

Disadvantages: Can also be problematic due to tail wobble when used in tight areas.

General excavator – Large Excavators

Large excavators with a working weight above 50ton are heavy duty machines for projects that require a lot of power and greater towing capacity.​​​ They are commonly used on commercial construction sites and large demolition projects such as shopping malls and large buildings as well as in large mining operations

Advantages: can meet the needs of large buildings,

Disadvantages: relatively bulky, difficult to transport, expensive.

Lugong focuses on the production of small excavators

Lugong is the leader of small excavators in China, and has continuously developed and improved technology. It has now developed into a high-tech industry integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. With reliable quality and high-quality product quality, the products are exported. To more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Europe, it has received unanimous praise from overseas customers and distributors. For more information about the advantages of Lugong mini excavators, please contact us.

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