South African Customer visits LUGONG to Seek Cooperation Opportunities

In March, more and more foreign customers are coming to China to know well and purchase Chinese products and equipment with opening up of the international situation. In recent years, LUGONG keep upgrading technology and improving performance, which makes LUGONG the leader of compact wheel loader industry in China, attracting the visit of more dealers both domestic and abroad, to pursuit a depth cooperation.
South African Customer visits LUGONG to Seek Cooperation Opportunities
One customer, a famous manufacturer of Earth-moving machinery in South Africa, visited LUGONG Machinery on 10th March. This customer in South Africa is committed to the research & development and production of earth-moving machinery. This company has its own brand and marketing system and always adheres to the high quality and good price to serve customers. The customer has a strong interest in LUGONG brand, and purchased LUGONG loaders repeatedly before his visit,and decided to visit LUGONG factory to pursuit a depth cooperation.
Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Zhang and Deputy General Manager Mr. Qu, we showed the strength of our factory, and introduce the production process, structure and advantages of LUGONG wheel loader to the customer in detail. Our customers are very impressed by the production process of LUGONG Loader, satisfied with our products, and confident about selling LUGONG brand in South Africa even Africa.
South African Customer visits LUGONG to Seek Cooperation Opportunities

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