Wheel Loader Operation Safety

Wheel Loader Operation Safety

Welcome to read the wheel loader operation safety by Shandong Lugong.That can guide you to use and maintain the machine correctly.

We always strive to improve and improve our products to make them more advanced and reliable.We reserve the right to make these changes, but make no commitment to introduce them into products that have already been delivered.We also reserve the right to change the data and the machine and the maintenance instructions. Changes in the design, operation and maintenance instructions are subject to change without prior notice.For the latest information about the machine or questions , please consult our company.

Wheel Loader Operation Safety Provisions

Wheel Loader Operation Safety Provisions:

Only specially trained and qualified personnel can operate and maintain the machine.Be familiar with and follow all Security regulations, precautions and instructions when operating and

Wheel Loader Operation Safety device

Wheel Loader Operation Safety device:

Ensure that all shields and shields are in correct position and repair damaged parts., proper use of Security devices such as parking brake handle, seat belt (when fitted), etc.Do not remove any Security device and ensure that it is in good working condition.

Wheel Loader Operation Safety inspection and maintenance

General knowledge:

The machine operation and maintenance personnel shall be trained and obtain corresponding qualifications;Personnel not connected with the ongoing maintenance and repair work are not allowed to enter the work area.Specialized guard should be designated if necessary.

In order to prevent personal injury, the working device should be lowered to the ground, the engine should be turned off, the parking brake handle should be pulled up, the vehicle should be in the parking brake state, and the car should be wedged.

Fuel and oil are dangerous goods, fuel, oil, grease and oil cloth can not contact any open fire and flame, oilcloth can not be stacked in the corner, may cause spontaneous combustion.Do not smoke when refueling or checking the battery.

Working in closed places:

The gas discharged from the engine can make people sick or even fatal. If the engine must be started in closed occasions, the exhaust device is needed to exhaust the gas in the area. If there is no exhaust device, the door should be opened for ventilation.

Work under the machine:

Park the machine on solid level ground and lower the working device to the ground level before starting maintenance or repairs under the machine.You have to wedge the tire in place.lt is very dangerous to work under a machine if the tire is lifted off the ground and supported only by a working device.Never work under a machine that is poorly supported.

Maintenance work during engine operation:

To prevent injury, do not perform maintenance work while the engine is running.If maintenance must be performed while the engine is running, the following precautions should be followed:

  • Have an operator in a seat, make sure all maintenance personnel are in contact with him, and be ready to shut down the engine at any time.Do not adjust parts you do not know.
  • Do not contact the exhaust tail pipe, muffler and other high temperature parts to prevent scald.
  • Never allow any tool or any part of the body to come into contact with the fan blade or fan belt.Otherwise, it can lead to serious trauma.

Do not drop foreign bodies into the machine:

Be careful not to drop any foreign matter inside the machine when opening the repair window or the fuel port of the oil tank for maintenance, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine, operation error and other faults.If any foreign matter falls into the machine, be sure to remove it safely from the machine.

Welding repair:

Disconnect the terminals of the battery to prevent it from exploding.Remove paint from areas that need to be soldered to prevent harmful gas production.Sparks from welding can fall directly on rubber hoses, wires, or pressurized pipes. These pipes can suddenly break and the insulation of the wires can be damaged, so cover with a fireproof shield.When welding near tires, special care should be taken because the tires may explode when heated.

No alterations that affect the performance, Security or strength of the vehicle or operating device shall be made.

Maintenance of cooling system:

The temperature of the hydraulic fluid, the engine, the oil and water in the radiator were still high and the pressure was still there when the operation was just completed.At this point, any operation to open the tank cap, the radiator cap, pour the oil and water, or change the filter can result in serious burns.The above operation should be carried out after the temperature drops.

Maintenance of hydraulic system:

Before overhauling the hydraulic system, lock the cylinder and other hydraulic devices safely, cool the hydraulic oil, and release all system pressure from the hydraulic system.

Do not bend or hammer high pressure lines, and do not install abnormal bent or damaged hard pipes or hoses on the machine.Repair in time any loose or damaged fuel and lube lines, hydraulic system hard pipes and pipes.Hose.Please carefully check the piping (hard pipes and hoses) and tighten all joints with specified torque.Do not check for leaks with bare hands. Use a board or cardboard to check for leaks.Even a pressurized fluid the size of a pinhole can leak through a muscle and even cause death.

Battery maintenance:

Battery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid, and batteries can produce hydrogen and oxygen when charged, so mishandling batteries can lead to serious injury or fire.Therefore, the following precautions should be absolutely observed:

    • The battery contains sulfuric acid liquid, which is highly corrosive, so keep it away from children. Users should wear protective glasses and rubber gloves when operating the battery. Once eyes, skin and clothes are spattered with sulfuric acid, rinse immediately with clear water.
    • When the battery is charged, it will produce hydrogen and oxygen. It should be regularly checked that the exhaust hole on the battery is not blocked. A fire or vent plug will cause an explosion, so the battery should be away from the open fire to avoid short circuit.And congestion.
    • The battery should be stored in 5-25 ‘C dry, clean and well-ventilated environment, should not be exposed to direct sunlight, at least 2m from the heat source above the ring, the environment temperature is too high, will have a great impact on the performance of the battery.The battery shall not be placed upside down or lying down, and shall not be subjected to any mechanical impact or heavy pressure.
    • An indicator indicating the battery’s state of charge is mounted on the battery cover.When the indicator is green, the battery can be used normally.When the display shows black, the battery should be charged in time, and when the indicator shows white, it should be replaced immediately.

Maintenance and storage of tires:

High pressure can cause a tyre to explode, so make sure the tyre pressure is normal and do not inflate above the designated pressure.When adjusting the pressure, move as far away from the tires as possible, and be sure to stand behind the tire face when adjusting.

Daily e check the tires, wheels, do not operate under low pressure, check whether the tire cracks, blisters and other damage phenomenon.Check whether the hub connecting bolts and nuts are missing, and check whether the tightening torque of the connecting nuts meets the actual demand.

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