Lugong L3500: a safe and efficient wheel loader

The Lugong L3500 wheel loader is characterized by strong power and good flexibility, suitable for material handling and loading operations in a variety of scenarios, such as construction sites, mines, ports and freight places. It also has the advantages of high comfort, easy maintenance and good safety. Take a look at this powerful equipment.

Lugong L3500 wheel loader is a medium-sized wheel loader with the following parameters and features:

1. Rated loading capacity: 3.5 tons
2. Engine power: 92KW
3. Bucket capacity: 1.8 cubic meters
4. Machine mass: 10.5 tons
5. Bucket tilt angle: 45 degrees
6. Maximum bucket tipping angle: 45 degrees
7. Maximum unloading height: 3200mm
8. Maximum unloading distance: 1000mm

Lugong L3500 Applicable scenes:

1. construction site: Lugong L3500 loader is suitable for earthwork, material handling and other tasks in construction sites.
2. Mines: It is suitable for loading and unloading of stone, coal and other materials in mines.
3. Ports and freight places: it can be used for container loading and unloading, material handling and other tasks in ports and freight places.
4. farmland: suitable for agricultural operations such as soil tilling and material transportation in farmland.

Lugong L3500 Product features:

1. strong power: equipped with 92KW engine, providing strong power output, adapting to various operational needs.
2. good flexibility: with a small turning radius and good maneuverability, it can adapt to the operation in narrow construction sites.
3. High comfort: adopting comfortable cab design, with good vision and shock absorption effect, providing comfortable working environment.
4. Convenient maintenance: adopting modularized design, easy to maintain and repair, reducing the cost of use.
5. Good safety: Equipped with safety guards, it provides a safe and reliable working environment and protects the safety of operators.

All in all, Lugong L3500 is an efficient and convenient loader. Its excellent performance, humanized design, energy saving and environmental protection as well as reliability make it the first choice for construction sites and logistics industry. Whether it is a large-scale project or a small-scale project, Lugong L3500 is capable of handling it, bringing users an efficient and convenient loading experience.

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