Successfully Delivering Two LC30 Forklifts to Hungarian Customer

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully delivered two LC30 forklift to our valued customer in Hungary.Our team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth delivery process, from the initial order placement to the final successfully delivered. We take great pride in our ability to deliver high-quality equipment that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

LC-30 Forklift

With the addition of these LC30 forklift, our customer in Hungary can now enjoy increased productivity and improved efficiency in their operations. We are confident that these forklifts will provide years of reliable service and help our customer achieve their business goals.

LC-30 Forklift

LC30 Forklifts Parameters

Rated Capacity : 3000kg
Free Lifting Height : 160mm
Forklift Weight : 4250kg
Engine Model : Quanchai4C2-50V32

LC30 Forklifts advantages

1. Simple appearance, generous and beautiful.
2. The new steering wheel adjustment mechanism improves operational comfort and adjustment reliability.
3. The high-top large-diameter intake system design keeps the engine away from dust, effectively maximizing engine performance and extending its lifespan.
4. The wide-view door clip design provides a broader view for the driver.
5. Reliable LCD digital dedicated instrument panel with a user-friendly human-machine interface, making it easy for the driver to accurately control the vehicle’s status.
6. Optional cast steering axle with low maintenance costs.

At Lugong, we are committed to providing top-notch equipment and exceptional service to all of our customers. We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of businesses in Hungary and beyond.

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