What are the main points of wheel tractor maintenance

Wheel Tractor is an indispensable mechanical equipment in agricultural production, its maintenance directly affects the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. Therefore, tractor maintenance is every farmer should pay attention to and master the skills. This article will introduce some of the main points of tractor maintenance, I hope to help you.

Wheel Tractor Maintenance mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Daily inspection. Before each use of the tractor, a comprehensive inspection of the tractor should be carried out, including the engine, transmission, clutch, brake, steering, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. When checking, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, looseness, damage, etc., so as to find and remove the faults in time.
2. Regular replacement. The tractor will consume some lubricating oil, coolant, fuel, etc. during the use of the tractor, and all these substances need to be replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the tractor. Generally speaking, lubricating oil should be replaced every 500 hours or once a year, coolant should be replaced once a year, and fuel should be replenished in time according to the usage.
3. Regular cleaning. During the use of the tractor, it will accumulate some dust, mud, debris, etc. These substances will affect the performance of the tractor’s heat dissipation, ventilation, sealing, etc., and may even cause malfunctions. Therefore, the tractor should be cleaned regularly, especially the engine, radiator, air filter and other components. When cleaning, pay attention to the use of appropriate tools and cleaning agents to avoid damage to the parts.
4. Regular adjustment. During the use of the tractor, the performance of some parts will be reduced due to wear and tear, deformation, loosening, etc. These parts need to be adjusted regularly to restore their original function and effect. For example, the clutch, brake, steering gear, etc. need to be regularly adjusted gap and strength to ensure its sensitivity and reliability.
5. Regular overhaul. After a certain period of time, the tractor will have some hidden failures or performance degradation, which need to be regularly overhauled to prevent them from developing into serious failures. Generally speaking, the tractor should be overhauled every 1,000 hours or every two years for minor repairs and every 2,000 hours or every four years for major repairs. Overhauls should be carried out according to specifications and requirements, using qualified parts and tools.

Wheel Tractor maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the tractor, but also improve the efficiency and safety of the tractor. Therefore, we should seriously implement the tractor maintenance work, so that the tractor becomes a good helper of our agricultural production.

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