LT704-1 Wheel Tractor

Working weight:


Wheel base:


Rated power:



Item Specification
Machine model and name LT704-1, Wheeled tractor
Overall dimensions of the machine 3690×1500×2335 (mm)
Wheelbase 1970 (mm)
Common wheelbase 1210/1180 (mm)
Wheel base 1210, 1310/1105-1430 (mm)
Lower limit of use quality 2010(KG)
Lower limit use ratio mass 39.03(KG/KW)
Engine production plant Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.
Tyre model (Front wheel/Rear wheel) 7.50-16/12.4-28
Optional tire models: (Front wheel) 6.50-16, 6.00-16, 5.00-16, 5.00-14,
(Rear wheel) 12.4-24, 11.2-24, 9.5-28, 9.5-24

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