Why Compact wheel loaders are more cost-effective

When you want to make a profit on your wheel loader rental or work in construction or agriculture, a compact wheel loader is the way to go. Easy to use, it can meet almost any loading job. And the small wheel loader is easy to drive and can be driven easily with a little guidance.
In addition to being able to engage in material transport, compact wheel loaders. You can also easily change attachments to engage in another job.

Several reasons to choose a compact wheel loader

1 Reduce fuel costs. Compact wheel loaders have smaller engines and are more fuel efficient than larger wheel loaders.
2 Drive fast. Wheel loaders can rely on wheels to drive, just like a car, so they drive faster and can quickly pass through the construction site to achieve the movement of materials.
3. Various attchnments can be utilized and their functions can be easily switched.Compact wheel loader attachments are an important . We can achieve different functions by converting different attachments.
4. High visibility, which increases safety and productivity. The increased height and front design of the compact wheel loader provide greater visibility. Rear visibility is also better. This makes operations safer and more efficient for a variety of applications and various jobsite environments.
5 Low cost. The price of compact wheel loaders is lower than other types of loaders, and you can make a profit with less investment.

Lugong compact wheel loaders are divided into T series and LG series. There are certain differences. Please consult us for specific differences.

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