LG939 Wheel Loader

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Products Description

1.Axle: Patented axle,stronger power, low fuel consumption.

2.Engine: Lugong loader with Weichai, Yuchai, Cummins, DEUTZ and other well-known brands at home and abroad engines, stable and reliable quality.

3.Cab: The body adopts stretch stamping process, overall beautiful, large internal space, solid structure, certified by ROPS&FOPS.

4.Hinged: Three-layer articulated system with good balance, flexible steering and strong fatigue resistance.

5.Multi-level oil cooling radiator: each system dissipates heat independently, using large aperture mesh to increase the

heat dissipation area and enhance the heat dissipation effect.

6.Brake: Dual brake booster pumps control the front and rear axle brakes respectively, improving brake safety.

Products structure


Main Technical Parameters
Bucket capacity 1.2 m³
Rated load 2200kg
Overall machine weight 6000kg
Overall dimension (mm) 6350*2100*2950
Wheel base 2560mm
Wheel track 1680mm
Bucket width 2200mm
Dumping height 3600mm
Dumping distance 850mm
Turning radius 5000mm
Engine/standard Yuchai/85KW
Tyre 20.5/70-24
Dumping height option 4.6m 5.0m

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    According to different applications, various attachments are for option, such as extra-large coal bucket, log fork, grain bucket and grass fork etc.

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