LM525 Skid Steer Loader

Rated Load:


Rated power:


Max Speed:



Main Technical Parameters
Angle of Departure 19°
Carry Position 206mm
Dump Angle at Maximum Height 36°
Dump Height with Standard Bucket 1272mm
Dump Reach at Maximum Height 815mm
Ground Clearance 159mm
Ground Clearance-under platform 180mm
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 1883mm
Height 1352mm
Length without Attachment 1976mm
Length with Standard Bucket 2637mm
Operating Height 2649mm
Rollback at carry Position 22°
 Rollback Fully Raisedat Maximum Height 94°
Ground Contact Length 918mm
Turning Radius with Standard Bucket 1593mm
Width 1104mm
Wheel Tread (over tracks) 904mm
Width with 36″ Bucket 1250mm
Operating Capacity (35%) 291kg
Operating Capacity (50%) 416kg
Tipping Capacity 832kg
 Weight (no attachment) 1069kg
Travel Speed 5.6km/h
Make/Model Kubota / D1105-EF02
Fuel/Cooling  Diesel/Liquid
Horsepower (SAE Gross) 18.2kW
Maximum Governed RPM 3000RPM

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